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Chasm City

Chasm City - Alastair Reynolds Fantastic ideas and worldbuilding, but unfortunately a huge let-down after Revelation Space, which was one of the best scifi novels I've read. As this was in the same series, I hoped for more. However, I ended up calling it quits around two-thirds of the way through because the characters, dialogue, and arcs just got so bad. after the first third or so, it reads like a wandering first or second draft manuscript, which makes me wonder if it was just poorly edited or rushed to market.

This would be a two star review, except that I was genuinely interested in one of the secondary side plots. The novel should have just focused on Sky Hausmann's journey to the Yellowstone system, and the dark Cold War between the ships of the flotilla. The main storyline of Tanner Mirabel falls pretty flat by comparison. Reynolds is trying to do a character novel, and that's hardly his strong suit.

I'm going to give the RS universe a couple more chances though... hopefully i find more like the original of the series.